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Our diverse network of experts brings a rich, multi-lens approach to your needs. We work with social entrepreneurs, activists, and facilitators, alongside mental health experts, leadership coaches, strategy consultants, and systems change and behavioral specialists. From grassroots, social justice, and NGO-related backgrounds to corporate, HR, and academic, we do our best to ensure our team represents the maximum number of industries, nationalities, languages, and experiences.


Our lived experiences are varied. Many of our facilitators are neurodiverse, injecting a fresh outlook into your challenges and exploring creative approaches. Some of our consultants live with disabilities, others identify with the LGBTQIA+ community, and some have grappled with anxiety, burnout, racism, sexism, or toxic workplace cultures. We get it, and we have turned those experiences into expertise to help your organization thrive.


Our team is a global blend, with diverse nationalities and backgrounds, often living far from where they were born. Many have chosen a lifestyle that mixes work, travel, and life. We choose experts who excel in intercultural communication and navigating the digital landscape. This unique setup enables us to engage in various contexts, breaking language barriers along the way.


We operate as a collective, with each member working independently, providing us with total flexibility and freedom. Our adaptable structure enables rapid scalability to tackle global culture change effectively. As a result, our diverse and horizontally structured team spans across various languages and continents.

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