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Be A Man (Maard Ban)

In 2017, we shot a documentary on masculinity in Pakistan. Watch it to get an unexpected view of this fascinating country!

Here is also a playlist of valuable resources on masculinity:

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E-Learning Courses

Neurodiversity at work

This module serves as an excellent introduction to neurodiversity, a concept embracing 15-20% of the world’s population. For a deeper understanding of the impact of dyslexia, ADHD, or Asperger’s syndrome in the workplace, explore our e-learning module!

Neurodiversity in the workplace

La neurodiversité au travail

E-Learning Courses

Allyship journey

This online course available in French and English is a simple introduction to Diversity and Inclusion. The world is often showing us the urgent need for a more inclusive society. That is why we have designed an intense and comprehensive curriculum of 12 videos to support you to become an ally for life.

During this course, we first analyze the system we live in. How is it embedded in all the structures of our lives, from our words to our buildings, from our education system to our savings.

We will learn the impact of micro and macro aggressions. We will take an honest look at your current level of privilege, And then, we will explore all the ways you can be an ally, at personal but also at a systemic level.

This work is very challenging, but we hope you will join us on this Allyship journey!

Introduction to the Allyship Journey

English Booklet

Diversité et inclusion 1.0.1 – Introduction

French Booklet

E-Learning Courses

Boost your power

Our 21 Day Challenge is a unique free online coaching program that allows women from different countries to boost their power and set ambitious objectives!

E-Learning Courses

for female gamechangers

This online course will give you concrete tips to prepare your next public speaking intervention.

E-Learning Courses

Psychological Safety

This video series explains the different levels of psychological safety and how to make it a reality within your teams.

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E-Learning Courses

LinkedIn Courses

We have developed courses in French for LinkedIn France on mental health, LGBTQIA+ at work, Inclusive Leadership, Psychological safety, Neurodiversiy, and more. Click below to watch on LinkedIn!

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