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Our approach

We leverage different media to foster empathy and to raise awareness on pressing issues, understanding that stories have the power to balance the world. We draw on storytelling in all our work and include in all our products. In addition to digital media such as podcasts and e-learning, we also create events that showcase the narratives we are passionate about.

Power Bootcamp Spain

Power Bootcamp Greece


We have organized multiple events around the world, from the curation and
coaching of speakers, to the stage design and video production.

2019: Changemaker Exchange East Africa: Gender Justice

2015: TEDxBarcelonaWomen: It’s time to shift the balance

2014: Spark Talks Beirut: Innovation in humanitarian action

2013: Nairobi Innovation Tour

2013: TEDxBarcelonaWomen: Get men involved in gender equity

2012: TEDxBarcelonaWomen: Mediterranean changemakers


We have created multiple podcasts with the aim of reaching audiences with more limited Internet access.
“Beyond Labels” with UN World Food Program shared the stories of staff members living with disability or neurodiversity.
“Not a single story” with UNFPA shared the stories of exclusion or belonging of different colleagues around the world.

stylized lettering that reads "because those who tell the stories rule the world"

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