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Our approach

We use a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods, leveraging our data expertise and benchmark the best practices of your sector. We support our clients to design the most inclusive employee lifecycle processes to retain diverse talent and prevent burn out.

Our Experience

Drafted the new version of Care Ukraine strategy, incorporating the inputs of multiple stakeholders and coordinating with different levels of hierarchy. Conducted the Organizational Assessment and Structure Review to improve decentralization, nationalization and efficiency.

Conducted a thorough diversity equity and inclusion consulting project, analyzing HR data, interviewing key stakeholders and proposing key recommendation for their leadership board.

Conducted a HR process and policy review for IRC Belgium from a Diversity Equity and Inclusion lens ensuring access to employment from an intersectional perspective.

Provided expert advice and guidance on advancing the decolonization of aid agenda in UNICEF humanitarian work for UNICEF Emergency Division (EMOPS).

Co-creation of the Diversity Equity and Inclusion strategy with different HRBPs and the HR Director as well as revision of internal HR policies and processes with a Diversity Equity and Inclusion lens (recruitment, reassignment, performance evaluation, reasonable accommodation…).

Supported regional HR teams to source diverse talent and identify partners organizations to diversify their talent outreach, and designed a Diversity Equity and Inclusion data aggregation and analysis system.

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