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Inclusive workplaces foster team performance and retention while boosting your reputation.

Many organizations suffer from toxic environments. Team members don’t feel seen or heard. Sometimes they don’t even feel safe. This is where we intervene to coach leaders and teams towards a more balanced and collaborative working atmosphere.

We shift the balance through


Strategy Consulting

Learning & Development

Leadership Coaching

Content Production

We analyze your current data and working atmosphere, create safe spaces for courageous conversations, facilitate transformative workshops, design inclusive processes and policies, and train your leaders to become the best version of themselves.

What clients are saying about us

Our Collective

Our network of 150+ facilitators from 50+ countries allows us to intervene in different contexts, with a lived experience of different dimensions of diversity. Our flexible structure enables us to scale fast to address global culture change.

Two of our prestigious programs

Neurodiversity in the workplace

A concrete introduction to a different way of thinking, learning, and communicating.

The Allyship Journey

How to make Diversity and Inclusion a reality in your daily life and your workplace.


Silhouette person with puzzle pieces in the brain with words connected to mental healthBlogs
May 6, 2024

Leadership Coaching For Clients Struggling With Loss

Lately, Mental Health has been in the limelight and rightly so. Loss in particular has been a hot topic: after the intense pandemic period, many were forced to continue to…
five hands of different colors holding each other's wrists in a circular patternBlogs
April 23, 2024

Becoming an Anti-Racist Ally: A Guide to Taking Action in a Changing World

In recent years, the world has witnessed a significant shift in societal attitudes towards racism. As conversations around race become bolder and more inclusive, the importance of being an anti-racist…
illustration of different colors of people with the words fight racismBlogs
March 14, 2024

Supporting the Anti-Racism Movement in Brazil

Brazil is a country marked by significant racial inequality and the anti-racism movement has been getting stronger in parallel to the US Black Lives Matter movement. In this article, we…
Illustration of diverse people in colorful outfits holding a banner that reads "feminist leadership"Blogs
January 28, 2024

The New Paradigm of Feminist Leadership

Traditional leadership models perpetuate hierarchical power dynamics, reinforcing dominance and subordination. Feminist leadership, on the other hand, challenges this paradigm by advocating for shared power, inclusivity, and collaboration. As the…
Illustration on the different types of neurodiversityBlogs
January 19, 2024

Embracing Neurodiversity: Shaping the Future of Work

In a world where diversity is celebrated, neurodiversity is a crucial aspect that often goes unnoticed. According to National Cancer Institute, approximately 20% of the population falls under the category…
January 15, 2024

Psychological Safety and Why It Matters

All human beings have the same innate need: we long to belong. We all have felt the pain of rejection and reproach. At the same time, we’ve all done some…

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