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Our approach

Our Learning and Development solutions are grounded in a transformative learning approach. We ensure our information is inclusive to diverse needs such as neurodiversity and disabilities. Our participatory approach involves co-creating content and empowering participants around actionable outcomes. Our programs are practical, experiential, and geared towards behavior change.

Our Experience

Crafted the Diversity Equity and Inclusion training curriculum for the International Rescue Committee (20k+ employees), including designing the Diversity Equity and Inclusion learning strategy and curriculum for the whole organization, identifying the most suitable learning providers around the world, creating self-paced learning modules, and delivering multiple online sessions in different languages.

Designed and delivered in person a comprehensive leadership training program for female national staff in Kabul in 2021, including training HR teams on unconscious bias and hiring and retaining diverse talent. Conducted trainings for the HQ Innovation Team and all regional offices on microaggressions, Inclusive leadership, Psychological Safety, and Allyship.

Designed and delivered Diversity and Inclusion trainings such as Psychological safety, Unconscious biases, Microaggressions, Inclusive leadership, and Courageous conversations.

Crafted numerous self-paced e-learning programs (Psychological Safety, Neurodiversity, Inclusion challenge…) through LMS platforms such as Articulate 360 and Rise. Created webinars on LGBTQIA+, Body positivity, ageism, etc.

Upskilled leaders on inclusive management techniques.

Delivered training sessions on dealing with microaggressions.

Delivered training sessions of Introduction to DEI concepts such as anti-racism, unconscious bias, or allyship.

Created a self-paced learning program on Neurodiversity at work.

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