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Our approach

We aim to develop the leaders of tomorrow, leaders who are inclusive, mindful, and create psychologically safe spaces with their teams. We specialize in coaching neurodiverse leaders, supporting them to better understand their brains, emotions, and how to leverage their gifts for a greater purpose. We have coached hundreds of women worldwide on storytelling and public speaking, accelerating their business ideas, turning their projects into reality, and improving their financial management.

Many of our facilitators are certified coaches with extensive experience in leadership and inclusive coaching.

Our Experience

Provided leadership coaching to enhance the ability of managers to be better leaders and role models for their teams.

Provided psychological safety and leadership coaching  on behalf of WHO Europe Ombudsman team for the 100+ staff of Ukraine Country Office.

Trained and coached 150+ FAO employees in different continents to develop their role as local Respectful Workplace Facilitators.

Coached executives through international platforms such as Better Up, Torch, and CoachHub with a focus on leadership skills, strategy, inclusion and communication. Clients include leaders from LinkedIn, Cisco, Airbus, and many more.

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