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Headshot of Asmaa Guedira

Asmaa Guedira

LGBTQIA+ & Decolonizing Leadership Activist

Nationality: French-Moroccan
Based in: Byron Bay, Australia, and Paris, France

With 13 years of expertise at the confluence of leadership, systems change, and international development, Asmaa, a former PwC business consultant, transitioned into a catalytic role donning various hats. Functioning as a consultant, facilitator, and learning designer, Asmaa has steered international development programs in South West Asia and North Africa while crafting impactful learning journeys for leaders across Berlin, California, France, and Australia. Educating entrepreneurs, change makers, and activists in over 20 countries, Asmaa is a global citizen, originally from Morocco, dedicated to fostering cross-cultural connections. As a digital nomad since 2015, she has spent the last four years navigating life between Byron Bay, Paris, and Rabat, embodying a commitment to transformative collaboration and global impact.