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Headshot of Nikki de Jong

Nikki de Jong

Intercultural Trainer

Nationality: Dutch
Based in: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

As a cultural anthropologist, Nikki’s journey has been shaped by a profound fascination with understanding the intricacies of human behavior and thought across diverse cultures. After conducting anthropological fieldwork in Russia and serving as a policy advisor for city councils in the Netherlands, she evolved into an intercultural trainer and facilitator. Her passion lies in fostering effective communication amid cultural differences and leveraging diversity for inclusivity and equity within teams and organizations. Through tailored trainings, ranging from cultural sensitivity in organizations to inclusive job interviews, she empowers individuals and groups to navigate the cultural nuances of diverse settings. Additionally, as a Deep Democracy facilitator and mediator, she specializes in resolving intercultural conflicts, providing a powerful approach for diverse groups. Grounded in inclusivity and a bottom-up ethos, her training approach is characterized by intercultural sensitivity, energy, and precision, always customized to the unique needs of her clients.