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Headshot of Aditi Gupta

Aditi Gupta

Sustainability and Inclusion Expert

Nationality: Dutch
Based in: Zwolle, Netherlands

Aditi is a Diversity Equity Inclusion expert, speaker and advisor. She is also a facilitator and coach on the topic. She believes that the future calls for a shift and a change in the mindset of each individual and leadership at an individual level to grow towards an inclusive sustainable future. The top management, every team, and the culture of the organization need to shift. She has developed a strategic approach for this change and transformation towards diversity, inclusion, and growing belonging. Owing to a strong international career in diverse domains, she has worked with several international students, expats, immigrants, and refugees. She promotes the cause of the BIPOC community, gender equality, and the LGBTQ+ community actively by being part of several organizations. Her strength lies in combining business know-how, design approach, intercultural competence, sustainable development, and DEI strategies. She has recently finished her master’s program with Amsterdam University for Diversity and Inclusion and working on improving the approach for Diversity Equity Inclusion that could be helpful for International Business and Domain BMR at Windesheim.