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Headshot of Ingeborg Mehus

Ingeborg Mehus

DEI and Storytelling Expert

Nationality: Norwegian
Based in: Haarlem, The Netherlands

Ingeborg’s Norwegian name was formally given to her when she was four months old, and recently adopted from Korea. Her first migration journey as a baby resulted into a life-long balancing act between identities; this triggered an innate curiosity of everything that was different. She fell in love with personal storytelling when she was 11 years old and read The Diary Of Anne Frank for the first time. Since then, ‘Storylistening’ became her tool to discover and learn from the world around her.

She spent her first few adult years travelling the world before she decided to formalise my education through a bachelor degree in Communication and a Master in Politics of Global Development in Australia. Her personal journey led to to work with international migration across four continents with local NGOs, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency and IOM – UN Migration. But dissatisfied with the current personal and global narratives about migration, encouraged her to found Pocket Stories to connect people with unheard voices through storytelling to embrace and accept diversity.