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Jonathan Kalan smiling in three quarters profile

Jonathan Kalan

Creative Communication Expert

Nationality: American
Based in: Mexico City, Mexico

Jonathan, with a diverse and dynamic career spanning two decades, is a creative thinker and passionate builder who thrives in uncertainty. His journey, encapsulated by a friend’s words as a lifelong student of the unknown, encompasses roles from CEO and brand strategist to foreign correspondent, sailboat skipper, and ice cream slinger. Jonathan has crafted stories and built brands that inspire people to perceive the world differently, founding values-driven ventures across media, technology, and travel. As the Co-founder and CEO of Unsettled, an award-winning global travel community, he has explored the intersection of work, life, and community in the 21st century. His editorial work, published in prestigious outlets like The New York Times, Foreign Policy, and The Guardian, reflects his commitment to understanding the human experience. A TED Speaker, Resident, and Founding Editor-in-Chief of, Jonathan brings a unique perspective to storytelling. Recognized with awards from The World Bank, United Nations, Apple, and more, he is a proud member of the Explorers Club and the global Sandbox Network. Beyond work, Jonathan can be found sailing, surfing, climbing mountains, or spearfishing in the bluest waters, always eager to connect with values-driven individuals improving the human condition.