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Headshot of Miriam Moreno Bellido

Miriam Moreno Bellido

Participatory Organization Models Expert

Nationality: Spanish
Based in: Zaragoza, Spain

Miriam, with a rich background spanning over two decades, is a seasoned expert specializing in guiding companies through transformative journeys, participatory processes, and the implementation of innovative organizational models such as Teal, Holacracy, Self-management, and Sociocracy. Her extensive expertise extends to fostering remote culture and leadership development, collaborating with diverse entities from big corporations to startups and complex multiagent systems since 1999. Miriam emphasizes innovation, co-management, and the empowerment of digital nomads and liquid teams. Grounded in principles of Change, Systemic thinking, and Agile methodologies, her holistic approach draws insights from diverse fields including Psychology, Coaching, P.N.L., Clown, Transfeminism, and Art. Actively engaged in networks like OuiShare, Change Navigators, and PMAC, working with Miriam opens doors to a global knowledge and expertise network spanning Europe, Asia, U.S.A., Canada, Latam, New Zealand, and the Middle East. She showcased her distinctive methodological approach at the International Congress “Berlin Change Days” in 2016, underlining her commitment to pushing the boundaries of organizational development and unlocking the full potential of individuals and systems.