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Headshot of Claudia Issa

Claudia Issa

DEI expert, Psychological Safety Trainer

Nationality: Italian-Venezuelan
Based in: Barcelona, Spain

Claudia, a seasoned Trainer and Consultant with over 15 years of expertise in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Intercultural Competence, Psychological Safety, Team Dynamics, Emotional Intelligence, and Psychological Well-Being, is dedicated to shaping transformative learning experiences. Specializing in working with individuals, teams, university students, and corporate organizations, Claudia believes in creating experiential, applicable, and engaging trainings tailored to the specific demands of the workplace. As a co-author of games like “Diversophy® – Barcelona” and “Diversophy® – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion,” she brings a practical approach to her work. Certified in Cultural Navigator® and Global DISC®, Claudia conducts both online and in-person sessions in English and Spanish. Additionally, she serves as a University Professor of Psychology, Intercultural Communication, and Cross-Cultural Management, having facilitated over 25 successful courses with students from 20+ nationalities across multiple universities. As a recognized International Leader in Mental Health by the USA’s Department of State, Claudia is a trailblazer in promoting global competence, evident through her founding of the Global Competence in Spanish working group at the World Council for Intercultural and Global Competence and her role as Chair of the Community Development Committee at SIETAR Europa – Society for Intercultural Education, Training, and Research.