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Sandra Vale giving a speech

Sandra Vale

DEI and Disability Expert

Nationality: Angolan-Portuguese
Based in: Brazil

Sandra is a seasoned professional with extensive national and international experience, particularly in Latin American and African contexts, specializes in organizational development. With over twenty-two years of expertise, she excels in the design, management, implementation, capture, and evaluation of public security, gender equality, racial, and human rights programs. Sandra’s skill set extends to fundraising, restructuring areas and programs within organizations, communication campaigns, advocacy, community involvement, and capacity building, both human and organizational. Her diverse experience includes institutional management, creation and management of networks, training, skills development for young people, racial equality, gender equality, and empowerment. She possesses substantial experience in programs focused on young people, vulnerable children, women and men, and other populations considered to be marginalized. Currently, Sandra is a member of the group of 100 Allied People of the WEPs in Brazil and serves as a consultant for the Global Compact Brazil – Elas Lideram.