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Headshot of Delfina Daglio

Delfina Daglio

DEI Expert

Nationality: Argentinian
Based in: Buenos Aires, Argentina

With a decade of diverse experience in sales, finance, and administration, Delfina found her true calling in Human Resources in 2011. Uncovering her ikigai, she emerged as a leader in IBM’s Diversity and Inclusion initiatives in Latin America, where her empathic, resilient, and collaborative nature flourished. Boasting extensive experience steering multidisciplinary and multicultural projects, Delfina’s passion lies in fostering equal opportunities, particularly focusing on the development of minorities in technology, including women, people with disabilities, and the LGBT+ community. A dedicated learner and advocate for inclusivity, she brings a wealth of experience as a facilitator of courses and workshops, also serving as a keynote speaker in various forums across Latin America.