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Headshot of Abongile Xhantini

Abongile Xhantini

Disability Inclusion Advocate

Nationality: South African
Based in: Johannesburg, South Africa

Passionate about justice, Abongile leads Diversity Equity and Inclusion trainings and initiatives, consulting for UNDP on inclusion of persons with impairments, women, and youth facing disabling challenges. Guiding corporate entities with South African Employers 4 Disabilities, she ensures robust employee support. A board member at Soul City Institute for Justice, she contributes strategically, specializing in mental health in the workplace. With degrees from Bishops and Rhodes University, majoring in Geography and Philosophy, Abongile understands human behavior crucial in Diversity Equity Inclusion. As the founder of “Holding Albus,” she shares intersectional insights. Their new goal involves establishing a service dog training academy to support underprivileged communities.