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headshot of Monicah Wangui

Monicah Wangui


Nationality: Kenyan
Based in: Nairobi, Kenya

With over 5 years of dedicated experience in providing exceptional administrative services and coordinating impactful programs for NGOs, INGOs, humanitarian organizations and the private sector, Monicah has emerged as a driving force in advancing the goals of these entities.

As the co-founder of Mega Women Organization, a grassroots organization championing women empowerment and youths in the Kenyan coastal region, her passion extends to providing alternative and sustainable livelihoods through agribusiness projects.

She is currently running operations at Shiftbalance, and actively engages in identifying potential RFP and consultancy offers, grant writing, support in website management, and contributes her expertise in copywriting. Monicah is on a mission to foster positive change, create lasting impact, and explore collaborative opportunities that contribute to a more peaceful and prosperous future. Additionally, she holds a degree in Business Management and is pursuing a Masters in project planning and management further enriching her ability to contribute meaningfully to impactful projects.