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Profile photo of Julia Makhubela

Julia Makhubela

Inclusive Leadership Coach

Nationality: South African
Based in: Johannesburg, South Africa

Julia, founder of 54TwentyFour, specializes in diversity, equity, and inclusion consultancy. Her company focuses on fair and inclusive employee experiences via inclusive design, diversity equity inclusion training, and leadership development. This covers the entire organizational journey, including recruitment, onboarding, work environment, relationships, work-life balance, career growth, and transitions. Apart from her role at 54TwentyFour, Julia serves on an engineering firm’s board and has held leadership roles in operations and marketing, bringing diverse insights to her current role. She co-founded the successful Africa Shared Value Summit, promoting the shared value business model, blending profit and social impact. Julia’s passion lies in empowering individuals through learning and development and creating inclusive workplaces.