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Headshot of Bianca Buenconsejo

Bianca Buenconsejo


Nationality: Filipino
Based in: Madrid, Spain

Drawing from an impressive background spanning marketing, education, and leadership roles across diverse cultural landscapes, Bianca brings a wealth of experience to the table. With an MBA and hands-on experience in spearheading marketing initiatives for international clients, Bianca has honed an adeptness at crafting compelling narratives and dynamic content strategies that resonate across global audiences. From amplifying brand visibility to driving organic traffic through SEO-optimized blogs and social media engagement, Bianca has consistently demonstrated a keen understanding of market dynamics and consumer behavior.

Moreover, Bianca serves as the linchpin for Shiftbalance’s internal and external communication efforts, seamlessly coordinating messaging strategies to ensure coherence and resonance across all touchpoints. With a customer-centric approach and a flair for project management, Bianca has not only optimized operational efficiency but also ensured seamless alignment with organizational goals and messaging strategies. Through these experiences, Bianca has cultivated a nuanced understanding of diverse market landscapes while championing inclusive learning and effective communication strategies, making a significant impact on both educational and marketing fronts.

During her spare time, Bianca enjoys reading, working out, traveling, and immersing herself in different cultures.