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Abongile Xhantini

Disability Inclusion Advocate

Nationality: South African
Based in: Johannesburg, South Africa

Passionate about justice, Abongile leads DEIB initiatives, consulting for UNDP on inclusion of persons with impairments, women, and youth facing disabling challenges. Guiding corporate entities with South African Employers 4 Disabilities, she ensures robust employee support. A board member at Soul City Institute for Justice, she contributes strategically, specializing in mental health in the workplace. With degrees from Bishops and Rhodes University, majoring in Geography and Philosophy, Abongile understands human behavior crucial in DEIB. As the founder of “Holding Albus,” she shares intersectional insights. Our new goal involves establishing a service dog training academy to support underprivileged communities.

Aditi Gupta

Sustainability and Inclusion Expert

Nationality: Dutch
Based in: Zwolle, Netherlands

Aditi is a DEI expert, speaker and advisor. She is also a facilitator and coach on the topic. She believes that the future calls for a shift and a change in the mindset of each individual and leadership at an individual level to grow towards an inclusive sustainable future. The top management, every team, and the culture of the organization need to shift. She has developed a strategic approach for this change and transformation towards diversity, inclusion, and growing belonging. Owing to a strong international career in diverse domains, she has worked with several international students, expats, immigrants, and refugees. She promotes the cause of the BIPOC community, gender equality, and the LGBTQ+ community actively by being part of several organizations. Her strength lies in combining business know-how, design approach, intercultural competence, sustainable development, and DEI strategies. She has recently finished her master’s program with Amsterdam University for Diversity and Inclusion and working on improving the approach for D& I that could be helpful for International Business and Domain BMR at Windesheim.

Aigerim Khafizova

E-Learning Expert

Nationality: Kazakhstan
Based in: Almaty, Kazakhstan

Aigerim Khafizova is an EdTech entrepreneur, Fulbright Fellow, founder, speaker, and consultant with over 12 years of experience in the realm of educational technology, business development, and community building. Passionate about creating transformative, engaging, and inclusive learning experiences, Aigerim has launched, scaled, and consulted projects across diverse geographies—from LATAM and North America to EMEA and Southeast Asia.

Aigerim has started her e-learning career in the Silicon Valley 7 years ago being a Fulbright Scholar in the U.S. and interning at Udemy and Pathbrite (acquired by Cengage). In 2016-17, Aigerim has managed a blended learning team at a Stanford University funded venture Amal Academy in Pakistan, and in late 2017 Aigerim cofounded her own company in the EdTech space – Edgravity, impacting over 18,000 learners and launching over 50 online programs with leading scientists, industry professionals in Central Asia.

In 2022, Aigerim has successfully exited Edgravity, and embarked on a solo around the world travel. Amid her travels, Aigerim launched a new EdTech/HRTech B2B consultancy, introduced online courses on career reinvention and expertise leveraging, and launched new business projects from Singapore to Kazakhstan. Aigerim holds MS in Education from SUNY at Albany (Fulbright Scholarship), and BS in International Relations from Kimep University.

Alejandra Arteta

Mindfulness & Leadership Coach

Nationality: Spanish-Peruvian
Based in: London, UK

Alejandra is a coach with deep experience in mindfulness, wellbeing & leadership development. She blends elements of emotional intelligence, different mindfulness practices, and ideas from transformational leadership, systems work, and spirituality. She is passionate about creating a more sustainable-human self-leadership.

Andriamiarimbola Barisoa Nancy

Women Empowerment Coach

Nationality: Malagasy
Based in: Fianarantsoa, Madagascar

Andriamiarimbola Barisoa Nancy is a dedicated facilitator for ChangemakerXchange, a global community that provides a safe, supportive, fun and empowering space for changemakers. At African Voice, she coached 40 young people in debate and public speaking and led the team to the third place at the African Debate Championship. She recognizes the importance of young people’s voices and strongly believe in giving young people the opportunity to address often overlooked issues in our world. She is the co-founder and coach of an alliance and actively contribute to the Initiative, supporting the engagement of Malagasy youth in the field of environmental policy and justice in compliance with the three Rio Conventions. She increased her coaching impact by participating in the African Human Rights ToT in Tanzania to mentor people from marginalized communities and foster positive change.

Angela Gachui

Women Empowerment Coach

Nationality: Kenyan
Based in: Nairobi, Kenya

Angela is the Founder/Principal at Triple Bottom Line Associate, a boutique firm offering coaching, talent strategy, and diversity, equity & inclusion services across the African Continent. Simultaneously, she serves as the Head of Transformation and Inclusion at Girl Effect, an international NGO, leading efforts in diversity, equity, and inclusion from various perspectives. Angela, an ICF International Associate Certified Coach, has a background in talent management and consulting with organizations like Dalberg Advisors and PricewaterhouseCoopers. She champions inclusive leadership in African-founded organizations, facilitating workshops and engagements on DEI, organizational strategy, and team dynamics. Angela is also a Board Member of AKN Investments and Daraja Academy, holding a Masters of Public Administration from NYU-Wagner School and a Bachelors in Political Science and Sociology from the University of Western Ontario.

Angela Sujadi

Strategic Planning Consultant

Nationality: Indonesian
Based in: Singapore

Angela is an award-winning social entrepreneur with 7 years’ experience in the social sector and 6 years’ experience with Unilever. She believes that technology and marketing can bring access to information and tools that would transform the lives of the less fortunate. Her time working in Unilever on multiple brands has shaped her marketing skills and business acumen to build more effective enterprises. She was part of the founding teams for 2 social enterprises in Indonesia where she both empowered rural women to sell solar lamps and helped to build a mobile marketplace for Palm Fruit. She is now a leadership & organisational development consultant and ontological coach in training.

Anna Cabo

Gender and Culture Expert

Nationality: Spanish
Based in: Barcelona, Spain

With over 30 years of experience in diverse fields, particularly in culture and public policy, Anna embodies a commitment to gender equality ingrained in her DNA. Following an extensive career in public administration, she co-founded @laGrocSolutions, a distinctive gender and diversity consultancy. Anna and her team specialize in conducting studies, data analysis, and developing equality plans. They excel not only in delivering comprehensive results but also in effectively communicating findings through tailored training courses, events, and engaging social network videos. Anna thrives on challenges, inviting inquiries to collaboratively discover the optimal solutions for each unique situation. Whether it’s unraveling complexities in culture or navigating the intricacies of public policies, Anna brings a wealth of expertise to empower organizations in their pursuit of gender equality.

Arsenia Corcoba Santamaria

Leadership and Mental Health Coach

Nationality: Spanish
Based in: Brussels, Belgium

Arsenia Corcoba Santamaria, CPCC, PCC, is the founder of Tombo Tribe Consulting, where she supports organisational executives as they pursue leadership development and mindset shifts. Her background includes working with CEOs, senior managers, and boards of directors of small private companies to multi-billion dollar publicly traded organisations. Arsenia designs and facilitates transformational workshops in which participants acquire new leadership skills optimised for today’s uncertain and disruptive environment. In these active learning experiences, participants unlock their leadership styles and strengths, develop strategic insights for leading their organisations, and lay the foundation for an ongoing journey that increases emotional intelligence and agility.

Asmaa Guedira

LGBTQIA+ & Decolonizing Leadership Activist

Nationality: French-Moroccan
Based in: Byron Bay, Australia, and Paris, France

With 13 years of expertise at the confluence of leadership, systems change, and international development, Asmaa, a former PwC business consultant, transitioned into a catalytic role donning various hats. Functioning as a consultant, facilitator, and learning designer, Asmaa has steered international development programs in South West Asia and North Africa while crafting impactful learning journeys for leaders across Berlin, California, France, and Australia. Educating entrepreneurs, change makers, and activists in over 20 countries, Asmaa is a global citizen, originally from Morocco, dedicated to fostering cross-cultural connections. As a digital nomad since 2015, she has spent the last four years navigating life between Byron Bay, Paris, and Rabat, embodying a commitment to transformative collaboration and global impact.

Ayodele Rebecca Olatunji

Disability Expert

Nationality: Nigerian
Based in: Lagos, Nigeria

Passion-driven in leading positive change, Ayodele has dedicated the last six years to spearheading initiatives that sensitize and advocate for sensitive social issues affecting the Deaf community and various cultural minority groups in Africa. With a diverse skill set, Ayodele boasts extensive program experience spanning disability rights issues, special needs education, women’s empowerment, and community building. Her work prominently features strong components of social inclusion and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) practices. Ayodele is committed to fostering a more inclusive and equitable society through her multifaceted contributions to creating awareness, advocating for marginalized communities, and promoting positive societal transformation.

Babou Olengha-Aaby

Women's Empowerment, Leadership, and Mental Health Coach

Nationality: British-Congolese
Based in: London, UK

As a visionary leader and purpose-driven change maker, Babou brings over 20 years of entrepreneurial, business development, advisory, startup ecosystem, partnership, and DE&I experience spanning multidisciplinary industries and C-suite functions. Babou is fueled by a profound passion for Entrepreneurship, Learning & Development, Tech, Social Innovation, Women’s Economic Empowerment, and advocating for more diversity and mental health awareness in business. With a proven track record, Babou has successfully led impact-driven ventures, cultivated diverse teams, and pioneered innovative business models challenging the status quo. Notably, she has launched groundbreaking products to markets, driving meaningful social change and addressing pressing challenges of our time. Babou is unwavering in her commitment to making a positive impact on society through her multifaceted contributions to business innovation and social responsibility. Additionally, she leverages her expertise to develop trainings on trauma-informed leadership.

Cener Dogan

Inclusive Leadership Coach

Nationality: German
Based in: London, UK

Cener is a coach and consultant specializing in Executive Coaching, as well as in Leadership and Team Development in corporate organisations. She helps leaders up to board level grow their effectiveness and performance by increasing their self-awareness and impact, whilst fostering inclusion, alignment, engagement, and trust. Her focus is oriented on the whole person, and on creating awareness and understanding around the individual’s strengths and growth areas. She does this by working on anchoring leaders in their values, purpose, vision, thus, supporting leaders in navigating change and growth in times of uncertainty and complexity whilst they may be potentially transitioning.

Chaya Mistry

Human Centered Change Management Expert

Nationality: British
Based in: The Netherlands

Chaya Mistry, is a Human Leadership Coach and Consultant. She helps her clients to be more authentically human and create better human connections and belonging at work, life and in our environment. On a mission to regenerate humans, so we can take care of each other and take actions that regenerate our planet and each other. A Professional Certified Coach (PCC) Chartered PR Pro (ChartPR) and Human centred Comms and change expert, she teaches leadership and coaching skills to comms pros so they can get that strategic edge and boost their professional effectiveness. Board member of ICF Netherlands and Volunteer for CIPR D&I Network. Experience 20+ yrs in STEM industries including sustainability, energy, engineering, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and includes luxury brands and hospitality. Chaya is a Brit who lives by the beach in the Netherlands.

Chikere Igbokwe

Race and Allyship Advocate

Nationality: British
Based in: London, UK

Chikere is an Experienced Executive Recruiter, Facilitator and DEIB Leader. She is passionate about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and is on a mission to educate employees, make organisations more diverse and inclusive and to equip them with the knowhow to be changemakers.

Chikere founded Inclucive a DEIB Consultancy to help organisations build inclusion into their foundations. She values long term partnerships and works with clients who want to build from a solid foundation.

Cihan Koral

DEI Facilitator

Nationality: Turkish
Based in: Istanbul, Turkey

Cihan is a facilitator/consultant with her work on designing/implementing inclusive and emergent processes. She works on capacity building for civil society, gender(ILO PGA), child labour, LGBTIQ+, immigration, conflict resolution, human rights, discrimination and inclusive stakeholder engagement.

Being an accredited Lewis Deep Democracy instructor, she also works with nature-based emergent approaches such as Sociocracy, TheoryU, Social Presencing Theatre, Open Space Technology, Socratic Dialogue, Art of Hosting and NVC.

She works in partnerships to mainstream these approaches into social impact spaces via her initiative Por Muta, to hear all the silent voices (hence the name For the Mute). She is also the co-founder of NGO Hasat, an organisation focusing on mainstreaming emergence through co-design and co- facilitation by bringing an understanding of participation and interaction.

Her previous work has earned her awards and recognition including: European Business Awards for the Environment- EU Winner and European Awards for the Environment- Turkey Finalist.

Claudia Issa

DEI expert, Psychological Safety Trainer

Nationality: Italian-Venezuelan
Based in: Barcelona, Spain

Claudia, a seasoned Trainer and Consultant with over 15 years of expertise in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Intercultural Competence, Psychological Safety, Team Dynamics, Emotional Intelligence, and Psychological Well-Being, is dedicated to shaping transformative learning experiences. Specializing in working with individuals, teams, university students, and corporate organizations, Claudia believes in creating experiential, applicable, and engaging trainings tailored to the specific demands of the workplace. As a co-author of games like “Diversophy® – Barcelona” and “Diversophy® – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion,” she brings a practical approach to her work. Certified in Cultural Navigator® and Global DISC®, Claudia conducts both online and in-person sessions in English and Spanish. Additionally, she serves as a University Professor of Psychology, Intercultural Communication, and Cross-Cultural Management, having facilitated over 25 successful courses with students from 20+ nationalities across multiple universities. As a recognized International Leader in Mental Health by the USA’s Department of State, Claudia is a trailblazer in promoting global competence, evident through her founding of the Global Competence in Spanish working group at the World Council for Intercultural and Global Competence and her role as Chair of the Community Development Committee at SIETAR Europa – Society for Intercultural Education, Training, and Research.

Delfina Daglio

DEI Expert

Nationality: Argentinian
Based in: Buenos Aires, Argentina

With a decade of diverse experience in sales, finance, and administration, Delfina found her true calling in Human Resources in 2011. Uncovering her ikigai, she emerged as a leader in IBM’s Diversity and Inclusion initiatives in Latin America, where her empathic, resilient, and collaborative nature flourished. Boasting extensive experience steering multidisciplinary and multicultural projects, Delfina’s passion lies in fostering equal opportunities, particularly focusing on the development of minorities in technology, including women, people with disabilities, and the LGBT+ community. A dedicated learner and advocate for inclusivity, she brings a wealth of experience as a facilitator of courses and workshops, also serving as a keynote speaker in various forums across Latin America.

Dominic Gaobepe

DEI Specialist

Nationality: South African
Based in: Durban, South Africa

Dominic is passionate about engaging meaningfully with leaders & people to encourage deeper thinking and constructive solutions to build organizations and a society that honor and uphold truth and justice as their highest values. As the Managing Director of Cohesion Collective he works with regional and multinational organization to contribute towards social cohesion and building trust as an enabler to embracing diversity, striving for equity & building inclusive organizations.

Elsa-Marie D’Silva

Women Empowerment & Leadership Coach

Nationality: Indian
Based in: Mumbai, India

Elsa-Marie D’Silva is a social entrepreneur with considerable experience in the social justice and gender development sectors. She has founded three social sector initiatives, including Red Dot Foundation Global, a registered NGO in the United States and India with a mission to end violence against women and girls using digital technology, community engagement and institutional accountability. Under her guidance, Safecity was launched in 2012 as a platform for documenting sexual harassment in public spaces. It has become the largest crowd map on sexual harassment in India and 20 countries. Ms. D’Silva has strong management leadership expertise, having successfully guided organizational change through her former executive roles in the airline industry. She uses her professional skills and networks to promote gender equity, as co-founder of the Gender Alliance and the Brave Movement, W7 advisor under the German Presidency of the G7, a podcast believe and a book series “She Is”. Ms. D’Silva is an accomplished author, international speaker, counsellor and facilitator in gender sensitive training and sexual harassment. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres recently gave her a shout out during the opening address at the Fez Forum 2022.

Emeldah Precious

Trauma Informed Facilitator

Nationality: Kenyan
Based in: Nairobi, Kenya

Emeldah, an accomplished Psychologist and Gender Specialist, boasts a proven track record of leadership and achievement. Devoted to promoting mental health, gender equality, and community engagement, she channels her dedication through impactful trainings, research, and advocacy. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in Gender and Development Studies and currently pursuing a master’s in Clinical Psychology, Emeldah brings over five years of experience in project development, coupled with a comprehensive background in supporting individuals and communities navigating trauma and adversity. Grounded in a commitment to social responsibility and youth empowerment, she now seeks an opportunity to leverage her skills in nurturing and equipping creative professionals in the dynamic realm of the creative arts.

Fahad Saeed

DEI Facilitator

Nationality: Pakistani
Based in: Copenhagen, Denmark

Fahad, a proactive communications strategist, facilitator, and public speaker, stands out with a clear focus on diversity and inclusion. A prominent figure within the Danish NGO sector, he holds esteemed positions on the boards of prestigious organizations such as KVINFO and Copenhagen 2021. With a keen understanding of effective communication strategies, Fahad brings his expertise to the forefront, contributing to the advancement of inclusive initiatives and amplifying voices within the Danish community.

Ghaya Mohammed Ali Al Barwani

Leadership Coach

Nationality: Omani
Based in: Muscat, Oman

Ghaya Al-Barwani, MCC, ACTC, CMC, MBA (Fin) is an “Ambitions Ambassador” and “RESULTS Whisperer”. She is not your typical master certified coach or your typical advanced certificate in team coaching holder. With over 20 years of experience in business development and management, financial planning and people management before becoming a coach, she brings a wealth of expertise to her clients. Through the inclusions of mental fitness and emotional culture, she helps organizations, team and executives embrace the changes and challenges they face and thrive! Her superpower focuses on enhancing performance metrics in the face of change and challenges. Whether it’s improving the bottom line, increasing productivity, or achieving personal growth, Ghaya’s coaching expertise can help you unlock your true potential to achieve radically successful results on what matters most with heart.

Greta Rossi

Mental Health and Wellbeing Facilitator

Nationality: Italian
Based in: Palazzuolo Sul Senio, Italy

Greta Rossi (she/her) is a changemaker involved in multiple not-for-profit initiatives. She is the co-founder of Recipes for Wellbeing (Switzerland) and ChangemakerXchange (Germany) and the lead facilitator for the WISE Emerging Leaders Program (Qatar). Greta holds a BA (Hons) in International Relations and is a qualified coach and facilitator. She is a fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA), a fellow of the BMW Responsible Leaders Network, and among the Top 100 Women Leaders in Social Enterprise 2013 by Euclid Network. She has hosted workshops, events, and summits in over 25 countries collaborating with organisations such as Ashoka, Climate-KIC, and Google.

Hind Hamdan

Feminist Leadership Expert

Nationality: French-Lebanese
Based in: Beirut, Lebanon

Intersectional feminist and gender & socio-economic development specialist with 10+ years of experience in the MENA region in qualitative and quantitative research, program development, project management and technical advisory on gender mainstreaming. Extensive experience in the theory of change practice in the development world, and more specifically for grassroots organizations, labor rights organizations and trade unions.

Certified feminist trainer who believes in the transformative role of gender training and works with a wide range of organizations, from CSOs and grassroots to iNGOs and international organizations.

Hira Ali

Women & Ethnic Leadership Development Coach

Nationality: British
Based in: London, UK

An inspiring leadership development specialist, executive career coach, and acclaimed writer and speaker, Hira’s work has been published in The Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Telegraph, B.B.C., Harper’s Bazaar, Independent, C.B.C., Huff Post, and Entrepreneur, among hundreds of other print, radio and television outlet. Founder of Advancing Your Potential and champion of inclusive allyship programs and diverse talent management initiatives, she is also the award-winning author of two transformational books: Her Way To The Top: A Guide to Smashing the Glass Ceiling and Her Allies: A Practical Toolkit to Help Men Lead Through Advocacy.

Inas Mokbel Ghanem

Emotional Intelligence and Sustainability Coach

Nationality: Egyptian
Based in: Cairo, Egypt

Dr. Inas Ghanem the Achievement Coach & Mentor for Award Winning Entrepreneurs & Start-ups. She is the positive blend of a successful engineer, university professor, trainer consultant and Certified Achievement Coach, CPC, PCC as well as Certified E-commerce Entrepreneurs Advisor. This unique mix allowed Inas to help her clients in Egypt and round the world achieve their goals and turn their performance around. Inas Ghanem has more than 33 years of working experience coupled with continuous learning. Dr. Ghanem combines data analytics,
visualization, planning and Emotional Intelligence with creativity and innovation. She has her own Coaching Approach, “PLANET”, and unique Power Tool, “Open Mindedness Vs. Preconception” which proved to be the guide for her clients to get the best out of themselves.

Inas Ghanem mentors & coaches millennial start-ups & entrepreneurs who have won awards as a result of her coaching and mentoring. These coaching clients were enrolled in incubators & accelerators through out their journey, but still preferred to continue entrepreneurship coaching and mentoring with Dr. Inas overcoming the gaps in these systems. Dr. Ghanem always carried SWOT analysis for these incubators & Accelerators with her
coaching clients to assess their benefit and plan forward. Inas Ghanem is a very successful entrepreneur herself. She
is the Founder and General Manager of Engineering Planet, Training, Consulting Company & Coaching Planet that are highly reputed in the region. Dr. Ghanem is a Certified World Bank Master Trainer known for her unique training skills in addition to being Certified Professional Coach, CPC, from the International Coach
Academy and Professional Certified Coach, PCC, from the International Coach Foundation.

Dr. Ghanem has turned around the performance of huge organizations to achieving their farfetched goals and increasing their profits. Inas is known to catch entrepreneurs through their very tough times till becoming successful and reputed in their business. Many of Dr. Ghanem’s start up clients gained international awards for their success and their impact on the business and community.

Ingeborg Mehus

DEI and Storytelling Expert

Nationality: Norwegian
Based in: Haarlem, The Netherlands

Ingeborg’s Norwegian name was formally given to her when she was four months old, and recently adopted from Korea. Her first migration journey as a baby resulted into a life-long balancing act between identities; this triggered an innate curiosity of everything that was different. She fell in love with personal storytelling when she was 11 years old and read The Diary Of Anne Frank for the first time. Since then, ‘Storylistening’ became her tool to discover and learn from the world around her.

She spent her first few adult years travelling the world before she decided to formalise my education through a bachelor degree in Communication and a Master in Politics of Global Development in Australia. Her personal journey led to to work with international migration across four continents with local NGOs, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency and IOM – UN Migration. But dissatisfied with the current personal and global narratives about migration, encouraged her to found Pocket Stories to connect people with unheard voices through storytelling to embrace and accept diversity.

Jacklina Eshaya

Participatory Leadership Expert

Nationality: Israeli
Based in: Pardes Hana, Israel

Jacklina is a dynamic force in the realm of positive change, serving as a change maker, igniter, and facilitator with an unwavering passion for co-creating impactful transformations. As a member of the Ashoka ChangemakerXchange global facilitation team, she has directed and initiated sustainable social projects and played a pivotal role in managing and co-facilitating the first ChangemakerXchange summit for Israeli and Palestinian social entrepreneurs. Selected for the United Nations program e4sc, entrepreneurs for social change, she identified BEINCO as a global impact venture. With extensive experience in facilitating diverse programs, from the RISE for Change UN program to the Kofi Annan Foundation Changemakers Program, Jacklina is currently the lead facilitator for the UNITAR She Leads for Peace program in Geneva and the Changemakers for Democracy program by ChangemakerXchange. From TikTok to the UN, she excels in guiding companies, teams, and individuals toward creating creative, passionate, agile, and inclusive environments, fostering effective and collaborative change.

Janaina Nolasco Gama

Anti-Racism and DEI Facilitator

Nationality: Brazilian
Based in: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Janaina Gama is a consultant, speaker, and teacher specializing in unconscious biases and diversity topics.
She holds degrees in Literature (Bachelor’s and Teaching) and Law (Bachelor’s and Advocacy). She completed a Master’s in Public Policies in Human Rights (NEPP-UFRJ) and a specialization in Human Rights, Gender, and Sexuality at Fiocruz.
She is a co-author of the books “Jornada de Inclusão” (Brasport Publisher) and “Diversidade e inclusão: casos práticos” (Todas as Musas Publisher).
She is also a co-author of Aya Game, a virtual game for anti-racist education in institutions and society.
She serves as the co-head of the Brazilian delegation for W20, the women’s engagement group of the G20.

Johannes Lukas Gartner

LGBTQIA+ and DEI Facilitator

Nationality: German
Based in: Berlin, Germany

Johannes, operating independently, collaborates with C-level, senior, and junior leaders, as well as teams in diverse sectors, spanning start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, universities, and nonprofits across Europe, Asia, Latin America, and North America. As one of globally 500 Search Inside Yourself trainers, he is certified to deliver mindfulness-based emotional intelligence leadership training across all industries. Johannes’ expertise also extends to diverse training focuses, including Diversity and Inclusion Competences, Inclusive Leadership, Psychological Safety, Working with GenZ, Resilience, and Coaching as a Management Skill. His versatile training approach caters to the evolving needs of leaders and organizations, fostering growth and resilience in an ever-changing landscape.

Jonathan Kalan

Creative Communication Expert

Nationality: American
Based in: Mexico City, Mexico

Jonathan, with a diverse and dynamic career spanning two decades, is a creative thinker and passionate builder who thrives in uncertainty. His journey, encapsulated by a friend’s words as a lifelong student of the unknown, encompasses roles from CEO and brand strategist to foreign correspondent, sailboat skipper, and ice cream slinger. Jonathan has crafted stories and built brands that inspire people to perceive the world differently, founding values-driven ventures across media, technology, and travel. As the Co-founder and CEO of Unsettled, an award-winning global travel community, he has explored the intersection of work, life, and community in the 21st century. His editorial work, published in prestigious outlets like The New York Times, Foreign Policy, and The Guardian, reflects his commitment to understanding the human experience. A TED Speaker, Resident, and Founding Editor-in-Chief of, Jonathan brings a unique perspective to storytelling. Recognized with awards from The World Bank, United Nations, Apple, and more, he is a proud member of the Explorers Club and the global Sandbox Network. Beyond work, Jonathan can be found sailing, surfing, climbing mountains, or spearfishing in the bluest waters, always eager to connect with values-driven individuals improving the human condition.

Joseph Solis

LGBTQIA+ Activist & Data Strategy and Visualization Expert

Nationality: Ecuador
Based in: Chicago, USA

Chicago-based Coach, artist and LGBTQ+ activist, Joseph helps clients navigate difficult transitions both at work and personal lives. He has particularly helped people of color and members of the LGBTQ+ community understand how dominant cultural narratives around traditionally marginalized groups affect their results on their day-to-day lives. He comes from over 10 years of experience in the world of corporate advertising before transitioning to Coaching and visual and performing arts as professions. Besides coaching, Joseph also uses technology to explore how dominant narratives survive through media. His recent presentation at Davos’ Annual Meeting centered around semantic toxicity in media covering LGBTQ+ issues in Ecuador in 1997.

Julia Makhubela

Inclusive Leadership Coach

Nationality: South African
Based in: Johannesburg, South Africa

Julia, founder of 54TwentyFour, specializes in diversity, equity, and inclusion consultancy. Her company focuses on fair and inclusive employee experiences via inclusive design, DEI training, and leadership development. This covers the entire organizational journey, including recruitment, onboarding, work environment, relationships, work-life balance, career growth, and transitions. Apart from her role at 54TwentyFour, Julia serves on an engineering firm’s board and has held leadership roles in operations and marketing, bringing diverse insights to her current role. She co-founded the successful Africa Shared Value Summit, promoting the shared value business model, blending profit and social impact. Julia’s passion lies in empowering individuals through learning and development and creating inclusive workplaces.

Kawira Nyaga

Inclusive Leadership Coach

Nationality: Kenyan
Based in: Nairobi, Kenya, and Zurich, Switzerland

Kawira works internationally as a coach and facilitator for individuals and organizations. She has a passion for exploring human dynamics, particularly how power influences our behaviors using the Power Intelligence® approach. She is a certified coach of the DPI (Diamond Power Index®) and the DPA (Diamond Power Audit). Her work includes creating inclusive spaces and enabling communication around divisive issues to foster empowerment and a sense of belonging for people from all walks of life. She works self-employed, as an associate of REOS partners and is a part-time employee of changefaciliation ltd.

Khawla Kiski

Anti-Racism and Women Empowerment Trainer

Nationality: Tunisian
Based in: Dakar, Senegal

Khawla is currently working with the International Rescue Committee organization as a Gender equality, diversity, and inclusion advisor. She is a Tunisian jurist, advocate for environmental justice, and engaged in feminist, anti-racist, intersectional activism. She has 10 years of experience in managing development projects in climate justice, gender equality, community mobilization, sustainable agriculture, decentralization, and local development. After the Tunisian Revolution in 2011, she joined Mnemty (My Dream), an association that fights against all forms of discrimination and promotes unity, peace, and justice. She then co-founded Falgatna (We’re Fed Up), a queer-feminist movement which defends women’s rights and lobbies against sexual violence in Tunisia. In January 2020 she co-founded the collective “Voices of Black Tunisian Women” which offers a safe space for self-expression, addresses issues affecting black women in Tunisia and promotes research about their social conditions. She is fluent in Arabic, French and English.

Leyla Okhai

Wellbeing and Resilience at Work Coach

Nationality: British
Based in: London, UK

As the founder and CEO of Diverse Minds, Leyla enables organisations to create mentally healthy and equal workplaces through coaching, training, speaking and consultancy. With a focus on practical mental health strategies, cultural awareness and race equality to facilitate a positively productive workplace. Leyla has over 19 years’ experience in equity diversity and inclusion, gained as the Head of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Centre at Imperial College London and the University of Oxford. She is a University of Leeds alumna, graduating in 2003 and she was appointed to the University of Leeds Council in 2018. She was honoured in the UK’s Diversity Power List 2023/2024.

Lucille Onyango

Gender and DEI Facilitator

Nationality: Kenyan
Based in: Nairobi, Kenya

Lucille is a highly qualified GESI professional with a Master’s degree in Public Administration and extensive experience in feminist research, program coordination, and project management. Her expertise spans crucial areas like International Development, Gender and Development, Financial Inclusion, Women’s Economic Empowerment, energy, agriculture, climate change, and SRHR. Having worked extensively in Africa, Lucille possesses a deep understanding of the region and its challenges. With nearly a decade of professional experience and a strong commitment to social impact, especially concerning marginalized groups empowerment.

Mahdy Charafeddin

DEI Facilitator

Nationality: Lebanese
Based in: Málaga, Spain

Mahdy Charafeddin has been a Gender and Sexuality human rights activist since 2005. He studied Information Technology and Programming. He currently trains on social security, security planning and digital security, he has also written booklets on the subjects of sexual health, gender and sexuality training, people living with HIV, how to work within conservative environments. Charafeddin has worked with different refugee groups in Lebanon and trained many organizations in both Lebanon and the SWANA region about comprehensive service provision for diverse social groups, he has also trained many groups on SOGIESC around the SWANA region. Mahdy Charafeddin currently worked as an associate director and director of programs at the Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality and the director of the gender and sexuality MENA region conference NEDWA. Mahdy Charafeddin works now as a DEI expert on with UNOPS.

Melinda Varfi

Participatory Leadership Expert

Nationality: Hungarian
Based in: Vienna, Austria

Melinda is a firm believer in the power of communities and harbors a passionate commitment to aiding their growth for the betterment of a sustainable society. With a diverse professional background spanning various sectors, from education to trade development, Melinda has discovered that sustainability resonates closest to her heart. She takes pleasure in actively engaging with people and facilitating meaningful conversations centered around their environment, both ecological and social. Melinda’s true passion lies in empowering individuals to recognize their own inherent power and take meaningful steps towards creating a more sustainable world.

Miriam Moreno Bellido

Participatory Organization Models Expert

Nationality: Spanish
Based in: Zaragoza, Spain

Miriam, with a rich background spanning over two decades, is a seasoned expert specializing in guiding companies through transformative journeys, participatory processes, and the implementation of innovative organizational models such as Teal, Holacracy, Self-management, and Sociocracy. Her extensive expertise extends to fostering remote culture and leadership development, collaborating with diverse entities from big corporations to startups and complex multiagent systems since 1999. Miriam emphasizes innovation, co-management, and the empowerment of digital nomads and liquid teams. Grounded in principles of Change, Systemic thinking, and Agile methodologies, her holistic approach draws insights from diverse fields including Psychology, Coaching, P.N.L., Clown, Transfeminism, and Art. Actively engaged in networks like OuiShare, Change Navigators, and PMAC, working with Miriam opens doors to a global knowledge and expertise network spanning Europe, Asia, U.S.A., Canada, Latam, New Zealand, and the Middle East. She showcased her distinctive methodological approach at the International Congress “Berlin Change Days” in 2016, underlining her commitment to pushing the boundaries of organizational development and unlocking the full potential of individuals and systems.

Mubarak Idris

Storytelling and Digital Media Consultant

Nationality: Nigerian
Based in: Abuja, Nigeria

Mubarak is a passionate advocate with a keen interest in building, implementing, and managing impactful digital campaigns through multimedia to champion causes close to his heart, specifically social justice, gender equality, and the eradication of child marriage. His commitment extends beyond digital advocacy, as he actively seeks to form strategic partnerships with key media organizations and influencers. Mubarak focuses on supporting crucial issues around population, health, and the environment in Africa. His multifaceted approach combines a deep understanding of digital campaign dynamics with a strategic vision for impactful collaborations, making him a dedicated force in driving positive change across diverse societal concerns.

Najam Ul Assar

Ethics of AI / Inclusive Communication consultant

Nationality: Pakistani
Based in: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

With extensive consulting experience spanning multiple continents, Najam’s focus is on crafting and implementing effective communications strategies for organizations across diverse sectors. From successfully managing entrepreneurial ventures to consulting with renowned institutions like the British Council, United Nations City, and the UN Secretariat, his journey reflects a broad spectrum of experiences.

Najam’s skills center around promoting sustainable practices, employing user-friendly design principles, and contributing to the attainment of strategic objectives. Actively engaged in conversations surrounding Digital Culture, Post-Phenomenology, and Media Aesthetics, he brings a unique perspective to the table. Notably, his contributions have garnered recognition from esteemed platforms, including a nomination as a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum in 2015 and the honor of receiving the Bill and Melinda Gates TEDx Change Award.

Nikki de Jong

Intercultural Trainer

Nationality: Dutch
Based in: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

As a cultural anthropologist, Nikki’s journey has been shaped by a profound fascination with understanding the intricacies of human behavior and thought across diverse cultures. After conducting anthropological fieldwork in Russia and serving as a policy advisor for city councils in the Netherlands, she evolved into an intercultural trainer and facilitator. Her passion lies in fostering effective communication amid cultural differences and leveraging diversity for inclusivity and equity within teams and organizations. Through tailored trainings, ranging from cultural sensitivity in organizations to inclusive job interviews, she empowers individuals and groups to navigate the cultural nuances of diverse settings. Additionally, as a Deep Democracy facilitator and mediator, she specializes in resolving intercultural conflicts, providing a powerful approach for diverse groups. Grounded in inclusivity and a bottom-up ethos, her training approach is characterized by intercultural sensitivity, energy, and precision, always customized to the unique needs of her clients.

Nombulelo Mbokazi

System Change Facilitator

Nationality: Swaziland
Based in: Southern Africa

Nombulelo Mbokazi is Partnerships Manager and Youth Lead for Southern Africa. Nombulelo has experience in accelerating initiation of sustainable economic and social wealth through nurturing business potential; focusing on ensuring that entrepreneurs have access to the most relevant conditions of sustainable business growth in the most valuable ways. As the inaugural Lead of Agenda 2063 Academy, Nombulelo undertook the task of rolling out the birth of this organization. Prior that Nombulelo, through the African Union, was the Programs, Entrepreneurship Curriculum and Training Coordinator at xHub Addis, which is a social enterprise start-up incubation hub based in Ethiopia. She has experience in accelerating initiation of sustainable economic and social wealth through nurturing business potential. Since Africans represent the world’s largest youth population, growing integrated African systems that flourish make up her pertinent responsibility. She is passionate about exploring new sustainable models to enhance the developing world’s current challenges. She believes that one of the best skills any human being can ever aspire to have is the skill of unlearning and relearning

Paulo Jorge

Intercultural Dialogue Facilitator

Nationality: Portuguese-Capverdian
Based in: Lisbon, Portugal

Paulo Vieira holds a master’s in Migration and a postgraduate degree in project management and evaluation. He also has a community development and mental health background from ISPA – University Institute of Psychological, Social and Life Sciences. As a former Senior Programme Manager, he has led multidisciplinary teams and worked with public schools, communities, and civil society organizations. His primary focus has been to create learning ecosystems and environments that promote a culture of respect, dialogue, and empowerment. Paulo has facilitated workshops and trainings on decolonization, anti-racism, and intercultural education through participatory and transformative methodologies. As an independent consultant, he currently supports and advises social and educational initiatives that aim to make a positive social impact and address the challenges and opportunities of a diverse and globalized world.

Razan Ismail

Gender and Migration Expert

Nationality: Spanish-Syrian
Based in: Barcelona, Spain

Razan, an experienced Policy Advisor, Trainer, and Project Manager with a dedicated focus on advancing Migration and Gender Equality, brings a decade of valuable experience as a migrant in Europe, providing a unique perspective in intercultural training, advocacy, and policy development. With adept skills in creating impactful learning experiences, offering policy advice, delivering compelling public speaking engagements, and efficiently managing projects, Razan’s expertise spans Migrant Women’s Labor Market Inclusion, Migration Policy, Community Building, and Innovation in Migration. Committed to promoting meaningful participation and representation of migrants and refugees in decision-making processes, Razan is available for consultation on inclusion, migration, gender equality, and related topics.

Reshma Aziz Khan

Inclusive Leadership Coach

Nationality: Kenyan
Based in: Nairobi, Kenya

Reshma did her undergraduate degree in Calgary, Canada, and over the past 15 years, has worked in development and humanitarian aid in communications, leadership, strategy and culture. Diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging. She also led global leadership and strategy workshops for senior leaders, both in person and virtually.

Reshma set up K’enso Consulting in 2020 to support social impact leaders in their conscious leadership, through her leadership coaching, team effectiveness and Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Dialogue facilitation work. She is an accredited Leadership Coach and Global Facilitator, as well as a Certified Practitioner for the Herrmann Whole Brain Dominance Instrument. She continues to work with global leadership teams in the social impact space.

Richa Singh

Women Empowerment and Leadership Coach

Nationality: Indian
Based in: Dubai, UAE

Richa, an ICF Certified coach, specializes in collaborating with senior leaders and high-potentialindividuals to enhance their leadership capabilities, interpersonal dynamics, decision-making skills, and communication prowess. As an executive coach, she offers to be a partner in navigating the intricate interplay between work and life, acknowledging their significant impact on individuals. Her aim is to empower clients to embrace a holistic perspective, understanding the crucial connection between mind and body

Ryan Gersava

Disability and Neurodiversity Expert

Nationality: Filipino
Based in: Manila, Philippines

Ryan Gersava (he/they) is a neurodiverse social entrepreneur, educator, and DEI facilitator. He is the Founder and Chairman of Virtualahan, an online vocational school providing inclusive training to people with disabilities and other disadvantaged communities who experience employment inequality, while simultaneously empowering companies to become inclusive employers. He is also an Ashoka Fellow, an honoree of Forbes 30 under 30 and a TED speaker. Ryan has worked with WFP, ILO, and UNDP as well as Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Accenture, and SAP.

Sandra Vale

DEI and Disability Expert

Nationality: Angolan-Portuguese
Based in: Brazil

Sandra is a seasoned professional with extensive national and international experience, particularly in Latin American and African contexts, specializes in organizational development. With over twenty-two years of expertise, she excels in the design, management, implementation, capture, and evaluation of public security, gender equality, racial, and human rights programs. Sandra’s skill set extends to fundraising, restructuring areas and programs within organizations, communication campaigns, advocacy, community involvement, and capacity building, both human and organizational. Her diverse experience includes institutional management, creation and management of networks, training, skills development for young people, racial equality, gender equality, and empowerment. She possesses substantial experience in programs focused on young people, vulnerable children, women and men, and other populations considered to be marginalized. Currently, Sandra is a member of the group of 100 Allied People of the WEPs in Brazil and serves as a consultant for the Global Compact Brazil – Elas Lideram.

Sara Bonyadi

Inclusive Communication Consultant

Nationality: Canadian-Iranian
Based in: New Delhi, India

In the realm of DEI consulting, Sara emerges as a seasoned professional with a distinctive focus on the intersections of decolonization, antiracism, gender, and communications. With a keen understanding of the intricate dynamics at these intersections, she brings a nuanced perspective to the forefront, navigating the complex landscape of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Leveraging her expertise, Sara is dedicated to fostering organizational environments that embrace decolonial principles, promote antiracist ideologies, and champion gender equity. Her strategic approach to communications within this context reflects Sara’s commitment to driving meaningful and transformative change within the DEI landscape.

Sara Huang

Inclusive Leadership Coach

Nationality: Dutch
Based in: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Calling all trailblazing leaders seeking to challenge the status quo and revolutionize organizational development! Meet Sara Huang, the Discomfort Dynamo at Bureau Tw!st. With a master’s degree in Public Administration and over 20 years of experience collaborating with (Dutch) government, grassroots organizations, and corporates, Sara brings a holistic approach to the table. Her expertise in participatory design and processes empowers leaders to ignite transformative change. Embrace the tw!st and unlock a future of limitless possibilities!

Servane Mouazan

LGBTQIA+ and Inclusive Leadership Coach

Nationality: British-French
Based in: London, UK

For over twenty years, Servane has provided Conscious Innovation support to 10000+ leaders in the global social and environmental impact ecosystem – startups, NGOs, impact investing, national governments- to think independently, navigate transitions, collaborate with joy, and amplify their impact on the world.

Previously CEO and leader of one of the first B corps in the UK, she is a professional Certified Coach (ICF PCC), specialised in Executive Neuroleadership, Conflict Management, and the Thinking Environment. A Time to Think teacher and facilitator, Futures-Thinking Practitioner and Systems-Change facilitator, a certified Agile DSDM programme manager and a Mental Health First Aider.

Sirisa Saengchai

Professional Certified Coach

Nationality: Thai
Based in: Bangkok, Thailand

Sirisa, an accomplished ICF Mentor Coach and seasoned professional, specializes in individual and group coaching, executive coaching, performance coaching, and grooming successors for leadership roles. With a robust background in Learning and Development programs, she excels as a facilitator, trainer, and developer of E-Learning initiatives. Sirisa’s expertise extends to mentoring, digital transformation, and change management programs, offering valuable insights as a management consultant. Focusing on organizational structure, organizational behavior, and the development of people, organizations, and business competencies, she is dedicated to fostering growth and success. Committed to empowering individuals and organizations through strategic coaching and transformative consulting, Sirisa brings a wealth of experience to the realm of leadership development and organizational effectiveness.

Sobhi Khatib

Inclusive Leadership and Digital Transformation Expert

Nationality: Italian-Dutch-Israeli
Based in: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Sobhi Khatib is an educator on EDI, storytelling, digital transformation and leadership. He has designed and delivered talks, trainings and academic courses on those topics for the last two decades. Some of those activities have been delivered in universities, others for NGOs, UN agencies or private companies. Some of the names include: UNRWA, Netflix, Amnesty International, Al-Jazeera and Amsterdam University.
Sobhi’s educational background is in Psychology, Human Rights and Conflict Management.

Solonia Li-Zu Teodros

Cross-Cultural Communication Coach

Nationality: American-Taiwanese
Based in: Bangkok, Thailand

American-born-Taiwanese-Ethiopian, Solonia’s personal and professional journey has comprised of culturally-enriched life chapters in the US, Asia and Europe, a portfolio career in various professional roles and sectors, and a wealth of experience in helping people to discover their strengths, define their values, and transform this awareness into meaningful actions and choices.

In her current role as JUMP! Foundation’s Chief People Officer, she brings a unique approach to organisational design, culture building, change management, and people development — incorporating philosophies and practices that aim to foster growth mindsets, design thinking, scaled impact and values-driven leaders.

Solonia’s foundational education in International Relations and Business have shaped her body of work as a ‘changepreneur’, transformation strategist, thrive coach and storyteller. She has been recognised among Asia’s 50 Women Leaders for Leadership Excellence as a trainer, facilitator and community builder. She has been honoured to address inspired audiences on various speaking platforms including TEDxAuckland as an evangelist for Global Citizenship and change as a force for good.

To learn more about Solonia and her body of work, visit

Soraya Joundy

Collective Intelligence Facilitator

Nationality: Moroccan-French
Based in: Paris, France

Soraya, driven by a passion for fostering systemic transition through entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity, specializes in designing, implementing, and assessing impactful programs for corporates, startups, and individuals. Her diverse experience encompasses roles as an executive dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship in a developing country, curator of conferences inspiring innovation through storytelling, and advisor for young entrepreneurs. Fluent in five languages and having worked across developed and emerging markets, especially in Europe, China, and North Africa, Soraya brings a wealth of international perspective. Holding two Master’s degrees in Management and International Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences, her skills encompass strategy advising, human-centered design, mentoring, and impactful communication.

Tariq Al-Olaimy

Wellbeing Coach

Nationality: Bahraini
Based in: Manama, Bahrain

Tariq Al-Olaimy is co-founder and managing director of an ecosystem of social and planetary enterprises with impact in over 100 countries, including; 3BL Associates, Diversity on Board, Public-Planet Partnerships, and Recipes for Wellbeing.

Tariq holds advisory and board roles with the entities such as the World Economic Forum, UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (UNEP & FAO), The UN Climate Change High-Level Champions – Race to Resilience Campaign,, the Global Shapers Community, and the EAT Forum- the leading science-based global platform for transforming food systems.

Thalia Rizou

Systems Change Facilitator

Nationality: Greek
Based in: Thessaloniki & Athens, Greece

Thalia, a dedicated advocate for navigating complexity to design systemic solutions and transformational change, brings forth a profound passion for implementing systemic thinking and social innovation practices. Over the past 16 years, she has actively collaborated with numerous communities, spearheading participatory bottom-up initiatives and empowering active citizenship. Thalia has been an integral part of several teams utilizing collective design for systemic solutions and has successfully led teams through transformational journeys. In the last 7 years, she has served as the driving force behind the social innovation agency ‘among,’ where she steers the development of holistic methodologies addressing social challenges in communities through a participatory and systematic approach.

Thandi Cecilie Dirch Allin Dyani

DEI Expert

Nationality: Danish
Based in: Copenhagen, Denmark

Thandi Dyani is an Independent Consultant and DEIB advisor, and external Network Organizer for Africa Region & the Nordics with the BMW foundation working with Leaders to inspire responsible leadership and catalyze change aligned with the SDGs.
She is fiercely passionate about ‘the human connections’ and what we as people can achieve together to change the status quo, and transform each other and the systems we are a part of, to catalyze new leadership paradigms that is equitable for all.
Thandi is an advocate for gender and racial equity and works with different organizations and leaders to foster justice, equity, diversity and belonging strategy, training and awareness

Tiffany Yu

Disability Expert

Nationality: American
Based in: Los Angeles, California

Tiffany Yu is the CEO & Founder of Diversability, an award-winning entirely disabled-run and led social enterprise to elevate disability pride, and a content creator with 200k+ followers across platforms. She is a 3x TEDx speaker and has been named a TikTok API (Asian & Pacific Islander) Trailblazer, a LinkedIn Top Voice in Disability Advocacy, and a Well+Good Changemaker. Her first book, The Anti-Ableist Manifesto, will be published by Hachette Go in 2024.

Tiffany has helped to invest over $170,000 in disability initiatives through the Awesome Foundation Disability Chapter and the Disability Empowerment Endowed Fund at Georgetown University. She has been featured in Marie Claire, the Guardian, and Forbes.